TWINSPAN for Windows (WinTWINS)

This software, written by Mark O. Hill & Petr Smilauer (with contribution of Cajo Ter Braak and John Birks), is available free of charge for any non-commercial or commercial purposes and can be installed and used even if you do not have a license for Canoco for Windows. It implements divisive classification method named TWINSPAN (Two-way Indicator Species Analysis) and analyses datasets provided in one of the data formats accepted by Canoco (Cornell condensed format, full format or free format). TWINSPAN for Windows is distributed using an independent installation program.

Click on the following link to download executable program that will install the WinTWINS program on your computer:


If you install on Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista, you must first log in as a system Administrator before executing the program!

Documentation in electronic form (PDF format) is installed together with the software.

If you have any problem with the installation process or with the WinTWINS software, please contact Petr Smilauer at the address given here - .