Available graph types

CanoDraw naturally supports all the standardly used ordination diagrams for the first four ordination axes:

Additionally, the so-called regression biplot can be created, as well as the T-value biplot, including optional plotting of Van Dobben circles for the selected environmental variable.

CanoDraw simplifies creation of graphs showing fitted principal response curves - it parses specified log file of a Canoco analysis and combines information found there with scores of selected environmental variables. All the procedure is thoroughly documented in the program documentation.

The real strength of CanoDraw for Windows is in its ability to combine results of ordination methods (scores of samples, species, and environmental variables) with additional information, using visualization methods ranging from simple XY scatter-diagrams to graphs displaying various types of fitted statistical models. These various types of diagrams are available in CanoDraw under the category of attribute plots and some of them are illustrated below. See the next page for a list of supported types of regression models.

Species diversity distribution across the ordination space

Distribution of Achillea millefolium values

Response models of selected species along a moisture gradient (GLMs)