Easy exploration of results

CanoDraw goes a step further than its predecessor CanoDraw 3.1 in supporting interactive exploration of graph contents.
When you position a mouse pointer over a symbol or arrow in an ordination diagram, the status bar shows the identity of corresponding variable (or sample). In addition, you can display one or two floating windows (one for samples and one for any kind of variables), which are then continuously updated with sample or variable summary characteristics, as you place mouse pointer over various parts of ordination diagram.

If the "parental project" of a graph is open at the same time, you can also right-click any selected variable and ask for attribute plot summarizing pattern of values of this variable in the ordination space.

The less experienced users can also ask CanoDraw to provide short suggestions how to interpret contents of the standard ordination diagrams. The provided advice is supplemented by simple illustrations and it is customized for the actual diagram contents and the type of ordination method.